Guy L. Stoppert Music Scholarship

The Norton Male Chorus was the home of Guy L. Stoppert. Guy was the Executive Secretary of the Associated Male Chorus of America from 1945-1965. In this capacity he also edited the “Keynote,” a quarterly publication of the association. He worked tirelessly to promote male choruses and strove to improve the quality of their presentations. Our chorus, in his honor, established a scholarship at Mott and U of M-Flint, for deserving male vocal students.

The Scholarship is a grant. It has usually been used for private music lessons, however if the request is made for books or expenses then the scholarship committee will consider the request. It is intended for male voices, but we have given the stipend to women when no male submitted. Currently this grant is available for Mott Community College OR University of Michigan-Flint students. Please send an e-mail either to Denny Cavanaugh or Norton Mailbox if you are interested. Good luck and keep on singing!

Download Scholarship Application PDF


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